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Tub Clean

Tub Clean
Item ID: 29-21285-11
Brand: IPG


Liquid cleaner that restores lustre and brightness to acrylic, fibreglass, vinyl and chrome surfaces
Removes hard water rings, rust stains, mildew and body oils
Use throughout the house on multiple surfaces
Excellent in cleaning scum lines in showers
Great results on stainless steel

WARNING: Prior to using any cleaning product, always test an isolated area of the surface to be cleaned to ensure compatibility.
1. Spray TUB CLEAN on a damp cloth or sponge.
2. Apply on surface to clean.
3. Allow to stand a few minutes and wipe off. For hard stains, allow TUB CLEAN to stand longer.
4. Polish with soft cloth.

Do not mix with any other chemical
Do not get in eyes, on skin or clothing
Do not breathe fumes
Keep out of reach of children
Keep container closed and store in a cool location.

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