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1. Allowing their Salt Water System to overproduce Chlorine
That’s right … I said CHLORINE ! A Salt Water CHLORINATOR, as they are now called, automates the production of chlorine in order to sanitize your swimming pool water through the use of salt. Allowing your machine to “overproduce”
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Install a pool and just see how quickly it becomes the place where so many wonderful memories are made. It’s where your family gathers, entertains and has fun! Here are the top ten reasons pool owners report that installin
Large box stores and online shopping sites offer hot tub hunters alternatives to purchasing through traditional, local speciality retailers. This has left some brick-and-mortar store owners scratching their heads, losing sleep – and even hair – spe
Regular Hot Tub Maintenance
October 15/2015
The goal of this article is to provide you with some insight into what needs to be done in order to allow your water to be as clear and clean, as it was the first time you used it.
Hot Tubs / Spas require weekly maintenance as well as a drain and refill every 3 months. Following these basics step
Swimming laps in the pool, splashing around in the water with your children, or soaking in the warm bubbling water of a hot tub are great ways to have fun and relax. To ensure happy times, follow these basic, yet important, swimming pool and hot tub safety tips from the Can

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